In an Automobile Accident?

First and foremost, if anyone is injured, provide immediate first aid assistance and call for emergency services.

Promptly report the accident to the nearest police station and complete any necessary incident reports.

Exchange your name, address, telephone number and insurance information with the driver of the other car(s) involved in the accident.

Write down the following information:

  • The date, time, and place of accident
  • Description of how the accident occurred
  • The name and address of the owner of the other automobile
  • The other driver’s license number
  • The names and addresses of all passengers and witnesses
  • The license plate numbers of the other vehicles, including witnesses
  • Cooperate fully with the police, but do not make any admissions about your responsibility in the accident.

Do not admit that it was your fault, even if it was!

Do not sign any statements for anyone other than an authorized representative of your insurance company or agency — be sure to request identification.