Gundermann & Gundermann, insurance expertise that has spanned generations

Cook Maran acquires Gundermann & Gundermann

At Gundermann & Gundermann, we define insurance as “a full circle of protection that eases the minds of individuals and families.” In today’s busy and complex world, that’s worth its weight in gold. Because we start with this very personal definition, it is incumbent upon us to provide the best value in coverage… in quality, completeness, and cost. This expertise extends to understanding the interrelations between all types of insurance and to those clients who recognize the value of us managing their complete insurance portfolio; we leverage that intellectual capital to better serve them.


Our commitment to excellence continues with expert customer service and responsiveness… resulting in relationships that have developed from generation to generation, and family to family.


All things to some people. That’s what we deliver to our clients every day.